Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Still alive

So I didn't run anybody over today, and I'm still employed. It still sucks, but I'm not losing the house.

Monday, September 15, 2008

The front fell off.

New Job

So this morning I got up at 4:45. Did I mention it was in the morning? Anyway, after a pot of coffee and a very "TURN OUT THAT LIGHT" from my wife, I was off.

I'm once again gainfully employed. I'm hauling salt water in the Barnet Shale gas fields. YEAH! OK, that was sarcasm. I'm not thrilled in the slightest. I'm training days for a week before going to nights.

Tonight I got to see my son for all of 10 minutes. That's about all I'm in the mood to say about that at this point. So now it's 8:45pm and I'm going back to bed, after getting home at 7:45. I'm finding it real hard to keep my feelings to myself concerning this job transition.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

So, where to begin...

So I took a week's vacation to work on my bathroom (pics to follow in a later post) and ended up getting a nice summer cold. When I returned to work I found out my position was being eliminated. I'll not go into my thoughts and feelings on this at the moment, but my life has been turned upside down.

So for the last week or so I've been looking for a job, submitting resumes, putting in applications, scanning the net, and generally wanting to slit my wrists. Today our childcare was unavailable, so instead of my usual routine of job hunting and finishing the bathroom as I had planned, I'm here baby sitting.

It's hot, so I let the dogs inside to cool off. I left them for a second to have a smoke and take a phone call, only to return to find one of them had a case of the runs. So I come in to the lovely odor of dog crap. I clean this up and start to feed my son lunch. He's not agreeable to this and fights me every step of the way.

I hate looking for a job, and I currently hate my living situation.

Mary has been very supportive during this time, and for that I am extremely thankful.

Most of you already knew about this, but I guess some of you didn't. I'll let you know if we end up having our home foreclosed on or not though.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My apologies

Once again I've let this thing sit idle without updates for a long long time.

My excuse: Pygmies

Seriously, why not. It's not like they've got broadband in deepest darket Africa and are going to find out, hop an international flight, and come shrink my head.

So we're all doing fine here. Been very busy, and like everybody else on a limited driving budget due to high fuel prices.

Mary had her Lasik surgoery on Friday the 21st of June and is doing great.

William is talking more every day, and is really enjoying having his mom home for the summer.

On a side not, I cut down my last cedar tree due to another bagworm infestation. I've given up on beating the little critters, and decided to remove their food source.

Freaking Worms

Friday, March 07, 2008

Weather Redux

So a few days ago it was "will we get blown away with the storm?"

Today it's "watch out for ice and snow on bridges and overpasses."

Yesterday I left work and it was only a little slushy. By the time I got home I was wishing I had 4 wheel drive, snow chains, and a heavier coat.

We only picked up about 4 to 6 inches here at my house. I had to sweep the snow off of the satelite dish to watch LOST lastnight. And to think it was in the mid to upper 60's two days ago.

I hate Texas weather.

Sunday, March 02, 2008


Whether, whether, whether, whether you like it or not.

Weather, weather, weather, weather, is cold warm or hot.

I hate springtime in Texas. Tonight Mary went to bed early, and I stayed up to goof off.

As I'm getting ready to turn everything off, I turn on the TV to set it to our morning news channel.

Suprise! At 11pm the news is on, and its the weather.

Severe weather warning for my county. Tornado warning, and now this HUGE storm front is bearing down on my house.

Mary and William are asleep, and I'm checking to make sure my flashlight is handy, and that the pillows are stacked in the bathroom in case we have to hide in the tub.

Did I mention I hate springtime in Texas?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Still sick

So Friday Mary and I went out and had dinner with one of my oldest and dearest freinds. I've been sick, and evidently got more sick. William's cough seems to have moved past the "barking seal" stage and into the "spewing phlem" stage.

Just letting you know mom, so you don't have to threaten to write me out of the will again.

By the way, John tells you and Dad hi.